War Effects


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Your experiences are informative and helpful in healing old wounds.
-Dr. Brenda Lloyd-Jones
Dept of Human Relations, University of Oklahoma

Ambitious, with a unique writing style that evokes the past, present and future effects that a war can be on the youths
-Dr. Frank Nwabugwu
Rph Texas & Oklahoma States

Obi Nwabugwu has introduced a new aesthetic to the African literary landscape. Uncompromising and unconventional, the style is bold and fearless, reflecting above all the frustration of an endangered generation of young people in the face of the failures of their forebears. War Effects captures with frightening imagery the past, the present and, regrettably, the future Nigerian socio-political culture.
-Dr. Ozichi Alimole
Former Nigerian High Commissioner to the Republic of Singapore

A scintillating work of fiction with differences that elicit real emotions as regards to the past and present war effects in a way never seen before.
-Esther Nwogu
Ikuku Oma Foundation Nigeria

I really enjoyed this book. I had no idea what it was about when I began reading it, but it quickly drew me in. Obi Nwabugwu did a great job of creating this frame for the story at the beginning, without giving anything away. When you get to Chapter 23 you put the pieces together and begin really connecting with the character. It was just an interesting way to learn someone’s story. Overall a great short read and I would recommend it.
-Ezioma Anosike
Publisher/Editorial Director Amoize Magazine Dallas Texas


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