Tiberius Bound


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This is the story of Tiberius Claudius Nero, the step-son of Augustus Caesar, who, despite obstacles and his own reluctance, became the second emperor of Rome. His public life spanned the tumultuous period of transition from the Roman Republic to the Emperorship, and his private life took a series of unusual and surprising turns.


He proved himself to be Rome’s greatest general of the day, but he had been forced into an unhappy marriage to Augustus’ recalcitrant daughter Julia, and he abandoned his duties and moved to the Island of Rhodes, where he studied Greek art and philosophy. Eventually, he had to return to Rome to lead the legions, and when Augustus died, Tiberius became emperor. Again, he left Rome and ruled it from the Island of Capri.


Walter Signorelli is the author of several books, including Rome and America: What the Fall of Rome Portends for the United States, The Constable Has Blundered, and Criminal Law, Procedure and Evidence. He is an attorney and currently a professor of law at John Jay College of Criminal Justice. Previously, he was a member of the New York City Police Department for more than thirty years and retired as an Inspector.


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