Warrior Life


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After having a physiological transformation in the desert, where he believes the soul of deceased rapper Tupac Shakur entered his body, G-Money has a mission: to bring down senseless crime and bring gangs together to focus their energies toward the real enemy, Big Brother.

He follows the words of Shakur’s music like gospel and begins a movement using technology to spread his mission statement on message boards and with Tupac fans. He creates an army of followers.


In the finale, he surrenders to the FBI to give a face to the movement and sacrifices himself to help spread his word, as he believes Tupac did.


It all started when he picked up a copy of Rick Warren’s The Purpose Driven Life. As he read the book, he realized that it was his calling to make a difference.


Drawing his inspiration from the life and music of Tupac Shakur, the author frequently quotes from the singer’s songs and lyrics.

He acknowledges that any change in his community must be driven by people like him.


Continue on this journey that you won’t soon forget!


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