The Green Phantasm


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James Paul Clifton is the man behind the mask of the superhero called the Green Phantasm. Clifton meets a young woman whose name is Amanda Taylor. Then, on a camping trip, he discovers the source of his superpowers. After James returns home, he has an accident that gives him his supernatural capabilities, and tries them out. Shortly, Clifton puts together a Green Phantasm outfit and takes on his role as the Green Phantasm every evening. He then utilizes his inherited capabilities to protect the innocent citizens of Philadelphia from any criminals and/or troublemakers he comes across.

The toughest of these is the evil organization called X-termination. His headed by Doctor XT, who is assisted by Zapper, Zinger, D.D.T., and others. X-Termination soon attempts to “X-terminate” the Green Phantasm. The Phantasm then ends up having to rescue Amanda Taylor from this organization.

George Robert Coates, the author of The Green Phantasm, has written this book because he is like James Clifton in many ways. For instance, he strongly believes in doing the right thing and tries to get others to do so as well. Also, if he could, he would make his city a much safer place, as would Clifton. Other than that, George loves action, adventure, superheroes, and bright colors. George Coates lives in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.


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