The Fire, The Rose and The City: Lovers’ Struggle Against The Odds


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Forced into prostitution to service Nazis near the disintegrating eastern front, Bela Spigel, an Aryan-looking Jewish girl, meets a Wehrmacht captain, Kurt Ulrich. Later, together in Berlin, they are sent on a secret mission to retrieve blueprints for a futuristic German weapon.
Hiding from the hordes of Soviet soldiers raping and pillaging the city, Bela and Kurt become lovers: crowding a lifetime of passion into just a few war-torn days.

Based on a romance believed to be true, the action and adventure have been fictionalized.

Kymberly Hastings, the author of ten historical and contemporary romances, tries to hide below the radar by writing under a pen name. She holds a bachelor’s degree in theater and a master’s in English. Over the years, she has taught school, acted in film and theater, written for newspapers and magazines, and done both modeling and teaching for John Robert Powers. However, writing novels and scripts is what she loves the most. A world traveler who has visited all seven continents, she currently resides in the U.S. with her husband, five dogs, and two cats.
Hobbies include gourmet cooking and fashion coordinating.


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