The Adventures of Turtle Boy and Beaver Girl


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The knowledge of the Little People of the Cherokee has been handed down by word of mouth from countless generations of the past. Even now, in our modern times, there still are stories being told of the Little People. The entire Cherokee Nation, including Eastern Cherokee and Western Cherokees, call the Little People in their language Yunwi Tsundi. The purpose of the life of the Little People is to be helpful to all people, especially children. They love children and are very protective of them. They have what is called in the English language responsibilities, given to them by the Great Creator. They are sent out to all tribes of people to help in times of need. The Irish in Ireland have their Leprechauns, and we Cherokee have our Little People. The ancient oral history of the Cherokees is presented in hopes of preservation and influence for the younger generations, who are gradually distanced from the cultural aspects of the past that so define them. Recapture this Cherokee oral tradition in The Adventures of Turtle Boy and Beaver Girl.

Douglas W. Scott, “Steppin Turtle,” is a member of the Cherokee Nation, coming from the Bird Clan, is a former telecommunications engineer, and currently lives in North Central Oklahoma. Douglas W. Scott Sr. has been in the ministry for over thirty years and currently pastors a small church in rural Osage County. Pastor Scott is the father of three sons and grandfather of two.


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