Sam’s Shadow


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Without warning, a tragedy hit our family. Our son-in-law committed suicide!
With a death like this, there are no answers to our questions. There were no visible illnesses or health problems that were life-threatening. The death of this successful young man came from nowhere!
My daughter, her husband, and their beautiful three-year-old daughter Samantha Jo seemed to be a happy family. It was devastating to see the pain my daughter had to go through. It was hard for Samantha to see her mom’s sadness and not understand why. The scar left on Samantha’s heart will change her life forever.
Could a new companion help Sam cope with her world collapsing around her?
What you are about to read are Samantha’s thoughts and memories.
My heart is saddened by anyone who has been in the deep depths of suicide. There is only one question, and that is WHY?!

My name is Sandy, and I would like to share a few thoughts with you. When I was much younger many years ago, I would write little plays around Halloween. My daughters and a few friends would help me out with my ideas and play my characters. I’d call them and ask them if they could help. They just hung up; they knew I was up to something. They would always call back later. We made a lot of memories together. Their family grew, and their free time was spent with their new families.
I started to write about my grandchildren, Sam and Shadow, Delaine and Buffy, Sydney and her purple castle, Avery, a Dancing Bunny, and Bradon is a Bee and teaches us a lesson in kindness. Five are done, and ten are to go.


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