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Every woman wants to meet the man of her dreams. Ever wonder about the tall, dark, and handsome actor in a movie you’re watching? You know he’s acting, but you still wonder, is he anything like the character he’s portraying? Laura Steele gets the opportunity to find out.

Laura Steele works as an assistant at a talent agency. She enjoys working behind the scenes instead of in the spotlight. On a whim, Laura sends an e-mail to Sebastian Thomas, the hot new actor that everyone is talking about. Laura is surprised to get a response and even more surprised when he shows up at her office. As she and Sebastian get closer, she worries about their future. After all, she learned years ago about the cost of being in the spotlight.

Sebastian Thomas is surrounded by beautiful women daily, but none of them catch his attention until he receives an interesting e-mail from a fan. Sebastian is so intrigued by Laura that he flies to meet her and surprises her with flowers and dinner. After this, they are inseparable, but will it last?

Lisa Cherie has been writing since she was in grade school and enjoys sharing her stories with others. She loves reading, writing, spending time with her family and traveling with her husband. From working at a Talent Agency to owning her own business and building a Real Estate career, Lisa has stayed busy, but always kept her dream of writing in the background. She lives in the South with her husband and their four bossy, but loving fur babies.



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