Reign of Pain: Book 3 of the Pain Series


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Marina takes on a new ally in reckless Mike Colby (Space Truckers) and uses her valuable asset, Margot, to keep him in line. Her attitude about war and revenge changes when Mike and Margot are nearly killed while defeating an assassin who is part cyborg-an assassin whom she feared would one day face and be killed. Feeling guilt and loneliness, she changes from a lone avenger to a team leader who would sacrifice anything for her friends. It’s time to end this war and salvage what’s left of her lonely life.

Michael is a lifelong resident of the Philadelphia area and can be found at conventions around the country. Reign of Pain is his fourteenth novel and the third in the Pain Trilogy. Michael also writes screenplays, some adapted from his novels, and his goal is to see his projects on the big screen. Information on Michael’s latest projects and appearances can be found on his website at


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