Plight of the Gatekeeper’s Son: Revelations Path


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One of the world’s most intriguing mysteries is the disappearance of Raoul Wallenberg, called the Swedish Schindler, who saved over a hundred thousand Jews during the Second World War. What happened to him after the Russians took him is unknown. Was he executed? Died of a heart attack? Still in prison? Or were these things just a cover-up as to what really happened?

When a young, handsome news reporter, Gerado Behl—the son of a deceased, high-ranking Nazi who helped organize the Holocaust- is denied a visit to Israel, he feels it’s punishment for the sins of his father. The Israelis are eager for information about Wallenberg, so Gerado believes the least he can do for them is to find out what happened to him. Prompting him to contact a lovely young woman in Kiev, Arina Pavlik, who claims she’s the daughter of Wallenberg and wants his help in locating him. She and Gerado fall deeply in love. Although, as they attempt to solve the mystery of Wallenberg’s whereabouts, they find themselves in conflict with the Soviets—who don’t want them to learn the truth—and Gerado’s two older brothers, who were SS officers in their teens. They believe Wallenberg is alive and are searching for him so they can hang him like the Israelis hung Adolph Eichmann. However, when Gerado and Arina come by information about Wallenberg’s possible location, this knowledge threatens to lead them to their own destruction.

Kymberly Hastings, the author of ten historical and contemporary romances, tries to hide below the radar by writing under a pen name. She holds a bachelor’s degree in theater and a master’s in English. Over the years, she has taught school, acted in film and theater, written for newspapers and magazines, and done both modeling and teaching for John Robert Powers. However, writing novels and scripts is what she loves the most. A world traveler who has visited all seven continents, she currently resides in the U.S. with her husband, five dogs, and two cats.
Hobbies include gourmet cooking and fashion coordinating.



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