Love Hurts


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First off, congratulations on writing a humorous, original novel! Your characters were intriguing and distinctive, and the dialogue was spot on. The characters were all very well-defined. Their voices were distinctive, and you did an excellent job characterizing Danielle in particular. Well done!

I think the dramatic tone you were aiming for was generally conveyed very well. I just want to reiterate that I found the book amusing and original! Your characters were interesting, and your plot was organized and entertaining. I wish you all the best for this manuscript and future books.

-Wes, Editor

The book tells an entertaining story with engaging characters. The main characters—Danielle, Jess, Max, and Ted are all likeable and well-thought-out characters with interesting back stories. The love triangle element of the story is resolved in a terribly tragic way at the climax of this book, giving Part I a more-or-less complete story arc while laying a pretty good foundation for Part II. It’s very well done.

The story reads well. The writing flows nicely and is easy to understand.

-Ray, Editor


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