The Lady Anne Elliot


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There are so many characters to be described, so many stories to be told.” -Jane Austen

Jane Austen passed away far too early, with only four books published during her lifetime and two published after her passing. All her novels are today considered classics.

One of Austen’s beloved novels is Persuasion, featuring Miss Anne Elliot and her Captain Fredrick Wentworth. At the end of Persuasion, both characters find each other again after many years apart. Anne accepts Fredrick’s proposal of marriage, and readers are left happy with the knowledge that after a bit of trouble, Anne gets all she hopes for. Sadly, the story leaves the rest of their lives to our imagination.
The Lady Anne Elliot picks up where Persuasion leaves off. No longer is there a need to wonder what happened to Anne and Fredrick. What was the wedding like? Did Anne have children? What was their life like? Open these pages and visit with Anne and Fredrick. Live their adventures once more!

Jane Austen fans are in for a treat as they get to see Persuasion’s Anne and Fredrick on the pages again. Join these beloved characters on their journey through life. I invite you to read on to discover all the details of Anne and Fredrick’s life together.


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