Food for Thought: A Life-Changing Perspective


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The world, its people, and institutions stand on the shoulders of the wise and the experienced. All kinds of things happen in life. The uncertainties and the challenges make it very difficult. Attitude or perspective can make a positive difference. Having the right perspective, you experience growth in God’s way. God’s Spirit works through our circumstances and choices; through the things that happen in our lives, we all have the ability to change our mindset, to change the perspective that enables us to rapidly place new thought patterns for a positive mindset. I pray this book will encourage, uplift, inspire and motivate you to see a change from God’s Perspective.

Arletha Simpson is an inspirational writer and poet. Published author of the Longing of Two Lovers. She has received awards for her lyrics and songwriting. Arletha was born in Waycross, Georgia. She was raised in the church and accepted Christ as her Lord and Savior at an early age. She is a Sunday School Teacher in the Youth department in her church. She attended Ware County High school and then went on to teach as an assistant in a middle school in her hometown. She has been trained to help others through the word of God. She also works in the community with teenage girls. She is the mother of one grown daughter and one grandson. She now resides in Atlanta, Georgia.



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