Exposing Spirituality in Healthcare


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“Exposing Spirituality In Health Care” is a startling expose of the occult spirituality that is rapidly penetrating our health care system. This important, eye-opening book will expose you to the inner workings of the changing face of spirituality in our hospitals and hospices.
• See why nurses are being targeted to implement occult practices and are often completely unaware of it.
• Understand the spiritual basis behind the changes in spiritual care in our health system.
• Find out how certain forms of Alternative Medicine are opening the door to practices that contradict the core of the Christian faith.
• Learn about peculiar touch therapies like Reiki, Therapeutic Touch, and Healing Touch.
• Decide how you will respond when faced with choices about Alternative Medicine and Spiritual Care.


“Exposing Spirituality In Health Care is a compelling guide to the hidden secrets of modern health care. Michael Elmore knows his subject and it shows; an eye-opening, fascinating, and valuable work.”
—Jill Martin Rische, Walter Martin Ministries
What may seem to be natural and harmless “therapies” can in fact be toxic to your spiritual life. This great resource helped me understand that “Alternative Medicine” is not medicine at all; it is a collection of practices rooted in the occult.
—Jacqueline Chirco Cogswell, D.O.
Michael Elmore has provided the background and spiritual underpinnings of many alternative therapies. This information arms us Christians, especially those of us involved in healthcare, so that we are able to make Christ-following decisions in our own healthcare and what we provide to others.
—Richard Hutchison, Ph.D. Clinical Psychologist


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