Eko & Indra: The Summer Olympians


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The story of Eko and Indra continues about two weeks after their last adventures in “The Perfect Season.” Eko and Indra today are the world’s most recognized people on Earth. The Young Men being 20 years of age have done more good for the entire world in little over a year since being discovered by the Agent for the Baseball Team, The Conquistadors.

Their story and adventures continue not only in Sports/Olympics yet also to make the world a better place for all of mankind and all living things.

Roger “Derby” Schafer has published 12 books and enjoys writing and sharing stories that actually began while coaching youths in Ice and Roller Hockey. Born in New Mexico and raised in Las Vegas, Nevada, Derby values his family, friends, and loved ones.
The Eko and Indra books are about being Great, down-to-earth people. In their free time, the Twin brothers have built homes and schools for the poor. Provide fresh, clean water and medicine to those most in need. They also create sanctuaries for endangered animals worldwide.


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