Almost Missing Heaven


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This is the genuine story of a man who came close to missing heaven one day. After reading this book, readers might wonder whether they ever walked in that man’s shoes, if they’ve ever been on the road to missing Heaven, or if they’ve ever actually paused to consider that state.

Missing out on heaven would be the most terrible and unsatisfying experience a person could possibly have. People may endure several painful trials and tribulations as they travel through life, but there is a restorative process. If, on the other hand, anyone misses paradise and ends up in hell, they will be trapped there for all eternity with no possibility of escape or anybody to assist them to get out of that horrible place.

This is the story of how he was duped by Satan and how God intervened to save him from going to hell. It’s a narrative about family, heartache, happiness, and perils. It is a story of a life lived, decisions taken, mistakes overcome, and victory at the end.

Born in Dayton, Ohio, and raised on a farm in Greenville, Ohio, about 35 miles northwest of Dayton, Terry Hurt attended a Christian church as a young lad until the age of thirteen, when he decided there was no need to go to church any longer and just quit going. At the age of 22, the Holy Spirit began to call to him, and by the age of 24, he had lived for the devil for so many years and was so deep into sin he didn’t think he could be saved. However, he did answer the call of the Lord and gave the Lord a chance in his life. God has proven to him that no matter how far down into sin one might find himself, God can and will forgive sins and save one’s soul, making an eternal home in Heaven for everyone who is willing.


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