The U.S Leadership program


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When I wrote all my books, it felt as if I were immersed in the scenes, watching a vivid movie unfold. I made a conscious effort to convey the content in a fictional, dynamic, and empowering way.

Our hope is that someday, an individual or entity with financial resources, perhaps even from within the government, will undertake the development of a medical computer as described in these three books. This advanced medical computer would possess the capability to diagnose illnesses, identify optimal treatments, and halt the spread of viruses such as COVID-19. The most challenging aspect for us was the editing process, for which I sought assistance. Nevertheless, the journey of crafting the three books has been immensely enjoyable.

The author has a degree in Aerospace Engineering and has worked for some of the biggest companies in the world. He has worked as an Engineer, a Programmer, a Manager, and an Executive. He is now retired and enjoying the fruits of his labor.

I am motivated to write this book due to the positive reception of my previous works, namely “The Medical Project” and “Self-Help and Mental Health Path to Wellness,” which inspired me to write this book. Additionally, the lack of progress in the medical industry in harnessing the available computing power, along with other global issues that could benefit from computer technology, compelled me to undertake these projects.

While this book is fictional, it contains numerous projects with ideas that have the potential to improve the world. Given the interest in adapting the first book into a movie, I decided that it would be prudent to write a second and third book in anticipation of a potential series.

Nicholas Licausi

Now that I am retired from my positions as an engineer, programmer, manager, and executive in several large companies, I have decided to pursue writing. It allows me to explore ideas aimed at truth, justice and a better tomorrow. Given the fictional nature of this book, I can envision and bring to life the transformations from within the government and into society that I believe should occur.


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