The Serendipity of Marriage


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The “Serendipity of Marriage” is based on biblical scrip-teaching. Reverend Smith as a minister, has been consoling men, women, and couples for over twenty years, discussing their difference in the behavior of the opposite gender. To help them better understand their role in their relationship, Rev. Smith would direct them to scripture, where they are able to feel their role within their relationship. Marriage is a sacred union before God; it does not matter how difficult your relationship is, with your husband or wife, because if you first have that relationship between you and God, then your relationship between your husband or wife will be a benefactor of your relationship with God. We should not go into marriage because of money or other material wants, but it should be based on “LOVE” and only “LOVE.” Everything else that you receive after marriage would be a blessing from God.

Rev. Dr. Joseph D. Smith is the fifth of eight children. He was born in Connecticut and was ordained as a Deacon there in 1979 at St. James Baptist church. Rev. Smith accepted his calling to the Ministry ten years later, was licensed as a Minister in 1990, and was ordained in 1995, serving as the assistant to the Pastor at Smyrna Missionary Baptist Church in Massachusetts. A data processing system analyst, he is married with two daughters and now lives in North Carolina; and loves playing the drums, chess, and listing to gospel music.


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