The Secret House Adventure


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M. L. Adams wrote, “The Secret House Adventure” for ages seven and up who are just entering the world of fiction for children, moving beyond the single words of “Cat in the Hat” but not quite ready for “Harry Potter.” Four spunky best friends in Small Town U.S.A. are compelled to enter a forbidden old mansion at the edge of town and are transported into a time warp they are unable to explain, far beyond the ordinary life they know. Along the way, they learn the history of the house and the people who occupied it, but the mystery of their experience does not seem to have an easy answer.

Go on this exciting ride with them as they try to figure out how an ordinary abandoned house keeps bringing them back to its door over and over again.

M. L. Adams is best known for a humor column in a local newspaper. This is her first published work. Always interested in fictional novels and humor, she was first influenced as a teen by the writings of Robert Benchley. Now a great-grandmother, she lives in Western Oregon with her husband and various animals.


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