The Lady and The Lord


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A beautiful housewife from El Paso (The Lady) discovers she has a gift of clairvoyance which she uses to track down drug dealers across the border in Juarez, Mexico. In time, she is kidnapped by the biggest drug kingpin of all (The Lord) and taken to Sinaloa, where her captor falls in love with her. While a prisoner, she uses her gifts to win the confidence not only of her keeper but that of the organization he leads. As her freedom grows, she begins reaching out to the poor families of Mexico, using cartel money to buy food, beds, stoves, furniture, and other basics of life. Although the capo never succeeds in winning her affection, he respects her judgment enough to suggest that if he is killed, she will take his place as leader. With his eventual assassination, she is forced to choose between returning to suburban life in El Paso and taking over an organization whose mission and methods she despises.



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