The King’s Measure


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Deofoe’s plan was flawless. Nothing could stop him now. The land was in turmoil, its people starving. Years of oppression had made their lives worth little more than death. Holding out would only delay the inevitable. In the end, they would be his…

But not if Benton had his way. With no strength, no army, and no grain to feed the people, he was determined to deny Deofoe the victory if it meant dying to do so. Or maybe even doing the one thing he vowed he could never do.

Melissa Shockey grew up in the farmlands of eastern Nebraska, where her love for books began. As a child, the highlight of her week was often the Saturday morning drive to the small-town public library, where she would bring home as many books as allowed. Through her reading, she developed an early interest in real-life characters, the friendships they formed, their loyalties, and how they responded to trouble. Her time spent in inner-city outreach and working among the homeless gave her plenty to observe. Yet, while she appreciated the uniqueness of the individual, she ministered to each with the realization that all are equal at the foot of the cross.

The King’s Measure was born out of the belief that no matter how diverse our backgrounds are, God’s same offer of grace is extended, without measure, to all who are bold enough to receive.


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