The Big One!: How to Anticipate and Survive the Coming Economic Mega-Crash


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Nobody likes bad news.
The old adage about killing the messenger because you don’t like the message is as true today as it ever was.
And so, to begin a book by stating on the cover that you must prepare for an inevitable economic disaster seems both sensationalistic and irrational. Yet, in the 35+ years that Dr. Ray Young has been researching this matter, he has become more and more convinced that absolutely nothing can prevent what is about to happen to America, the Church, and the world.

Follow Dr. Young as he walks through both the Holy Scriptures and clearly documented economic facts in order to discover one of the most amazing and frightening warnings hidden in the pages of the Bible. And then, together with him, begin to draw a series of logical and prayerful conclusions about what all of these facts and events imply for you, your family and friends, America as a nation, the Church in its current compromised moral condition, how all of this will impact the world at large and how all of these economic and spiritual facts tie together to help bring about the End of the Age that Jesus spoke about in Matthew Chapter 24 and the eventual return of our Soon and Coming King!


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