Rescue In Time


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Hosted by an awkward young man named Tom Clancey, are four aliens who set out to prove that humans deserve to be spared from total annihilation. A dark force seated on the Intergalactic Council disagreed, so they planted a spy among the four to sabotage their mission. Mayhem seems to pop up wherever the aliens go, causing Tom high anxiety. His only relief is his romantic interest at work. These characters come to life off the pages and the reader will agree there is never a dull moment in this book, “Rescue In Time.”

Teresa M. Ash has spent more than 10 years writing then, stopping and again writing this book until she had a finished product in her hand. As far as she was concerned, it was never good enough to release. But, every time she picked it up again, it brought a smile to her face and moments of laughter she longed to share with others. This is her first novel and she hopes it will not be her last. After she retired, her three adult children all wondered when she would finally finish and publish this book. They are very happy that the time is now.


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