G.R.E.A.T. Burger Essay Workshop: A Helpful Advice for Students in Writing Essays!


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In his first classroom, he noticed that many students did not know where to begin; or how to effectively draft an essay paragraph. Also, there was a palpable fear that many would not pass the state’s mandatory writing exam. So, he devised this color-coded, easy-to-use guide to help students understand the building blocks needed for vivid, imaginative writings. The results proved remarkable after reviewing grammar through 50 bellringers, incorporating several Introduction types and Conclusion techniques. As a result, students were armed with Style, expressive Voice, and vivid Imagery. The astonishing results were 97%, 98%, and 100% passing rates on the FCAT during three consecutive years of use. GREAT Burger can work for any teacher or a student just as well when implemented faithfully.

Dr. Stephen C. Simms is a five-time author who has spent over 20 years educating students. He’s proudly served diverse student demographics as a college math tutor, substitute teacher, and for eight years as a full-time secondary English teacher. His hobbies are practicing piano and guitar, playing Putt-Putt with his wife and sons, and creating new concepts to help others succeed! Dr. Simms’ undergraduate degree is in Secondary English Education, while his master’s and Ph. D are in Business Administration and Organizational Leadership, respectively. Prior titles include: Beat the Gionni’s: An Italian American Family’s Struggle During the U.S. Housing Collapse (2015) and Geo-Shifting: Social Cause Games (2012) at amazon.com. He enjoys simplifying complex concepts so that they are approachable to ‘everyday people.’ He also educates others beyond the classroom by offering lower-cost mini-courses at www.platconcept.com for lower-to-middle hardworking folks who want to improve their lives. He sells self-improvement packets for Investing, Weight Loss, Musicians, Inventors, and Authors on this webstore. It is from his own personal experiences that Dr. Simms assists others to reach their own goals, and he claims this is what keeps him young and motivated!


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