Exalted Quest: A Tale of Transcendence over Trauma


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This book is a memoir of one woman’s quest for peace and love despite the everyday trials and traumatic crises she faced. Watch author Kindred Light’s profound transformation as she finds the higher purpose behind the cacophony of addiction, abuse, divorce, custody battles, challenges of motherhood, imprisonment, and her transgender son’s struggles. Discover how Kindred applied the deep spiritual principle to moments of pain and fear, transmuting them into pearls of wisdom and compassion.

Each of us is on a quest to evolve toward and discover our divine nature. We are distracted from this quest by conflicting goals, desires, fears, obstacles, past failures, unhealthy relationships, and challenging circumstances. We exalt our quest as we learn to harmonize our unruly thoughts and difficult emotions with our life lessons and purpose.

Kindred Light is a yogi and certified yoga teacher, currently serving full time in business and finance at a spiritual community ashram in northern California. She has studied both Eastern and Western wisdom traditions from such texts as A Course in Miracles, The Untethered Soul, Autobiography of a Yogi, Radical Forgiveness, and the Bible.

Kindred has been in recovery from alcohol abuse and a toxic marriage for over a decade. She has used spirituality to overcome these and many other challenges. Her life was transformed through a unique practice of mindfulness that harmonizes the intellectual realm of thought and the emotional realm of the heart.

She serves others through her writings and coaching in relationships, whether family, work, or beyond.



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