Desert Skies II: A Story of “Warriors” in Operation Iraqi Freedom


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“Desert Skies ii” continues the saga of Lieutenant Colonel Tom Lawton, a hero in the first Gulf War. Desert Skies II reveals the trials and tribulations of today’s modern warrior. Gregory details a Texas National Guard, its hardships, and the strain military life places on family relationships. This story takes the reader to the front lines of Iraq and breaks down the walls that separate the National Guard from the Active Army.

What they’re saying about “Desert Skies”:

“Michael T. Gregory’s portrayal of an Army Aviation Officer’s experience throughout and following Desert Storm accurately describes the life of the warrior and his family… A must-read for anyone who has put on the uniform…”

– Steve Paris –

“This is as realistic and gutsy a novel as you will find…”

– Chris Watson –

Michael T. Gregory is a retired US Army Aviator living near San Antonio, TX. “Desert Skies II” is the follow-up personal bestseller, “Desert Skies: A Story of Champions.” The novel is based on wartime experiences with the “GHOSTRIDERS” of the 1ST Armored Division.

Mike is still working to defend the country, writing screenplays when the mood strikes him and letting Cooper, Mo, Stella, and Remy take him for a walk.


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