Cracking The Chronic Illness Code


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This book will teach you that every stomach has its own issues. It will show you different bacteria that will heal you and harm you. You will gain knowledge on how your body works and find a path to healing your chronic illnesses. She puts together a 90-day program and you add in your choices of healing. She has made this book for people who are too busy or in pain to figure it out. Why waste your time when she has it all done for you. More time to heal. Let karrie show you how to find yourself, show you how far you can go, and learn to Crack The Chronic Illness together.

Karrie Wilson is an experienced Chronic Gut Health Coach. In her 90 days to pain free gut and body program, she will show you that every stomach has its own issues, learn to find out which bad bacteria is in your stomach and know why it`s healing you or not, and shows you how she got rid of her autoimmune disease. She will meet the client where they are in life and help them figure out where they need to be and take care of their chronic illness in the easiest way for them. There are times in your life where you don`t want to let someone else tell you what happens next and you will get out there and learn it for yourself. You are the only one who will give yourself the best advice. She went a step further and studied Nutrition, Chronic diseases/ disorders, Health, Bacteriology, Anatomy of skin and body, Medical Billing and Terminology. We forget that in life we need to make our own choices about our bodies. Just because your body is in pain doesn`t mean you can`t change it.


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