Commonsense – Wisdom – Leadership: Organizations are from Mars – Employees are from Venus


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Commonsense – Wisdom – Leadership is an informative and valuable read that will help new and experienced managers sharpen their leadership skills. Hiss uses his 30 years of management and coaching experience to present the interesting and important reality that having a basic understanding of management principles is something very different from knowing how those principles can be applied effectively to workplace situations. Hiss presents important insights into why so many dedicated and hard-working managers struggle with repetitive operations and personnel problems despite their best efforts. He combines fresh perspectives, solid management philosophies, and refined application techniques with the management principles we already know and shows how they can be applied effectively to address some of the most troublesome situations, such as conflict management, handling multiple projects, time management, interviewing candidates for line and management positions, and employee errors, among others.

This is a smart must-read that includes case studies and critical thinking that gets to the heart of how managers can develop a more positive relationship with their employees, reach for higher workplace performance standards and efficiencies, and experience less on-the-job stress.

With more than 30 years of experience managing both small and large complex operations, Stephen Hiss observed and is familiar with the intensity and effort organizations must employ to be successful in a highly competitive, ever-changing, and complex marketplace. He has also observed and learned to appreciate the personal stresses and commitments employees must juggle while performing their assigned tasks and responsibilities so their organization can achieve its essential business objectives.

He has published journal articles, presented programs nationally on management techniques and customer service, taught college-level courses on leadership, and mentored and coached managers.

Hiss combines and uses those diverse experiences to build a set of unique and powerful leadership perspectives and management techniques that can be applied successfully to address a wide range of workplace situations.


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