Self Help and Mental Health Tough Path to Wellness Our Story


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This book was written to help people understand that once you have gone crazy once or are diagnosed with Schizophrenia, it is reversible. Remission involves a patient becoming functionally independent, productive, with a high sense of empowerment, and overcome without negative feelings and internalized stigma.

This book describes my journey from Remission to Recovery which involves being settled and secured in my community and with my support system and how I had to get it back and what I had to do to have a support system.

There are 2 authors of this book. I wrote this book together with my son. We would like to dedicate this book to our family. When mental illness hits a family, it hurts the person which is diagnosed with the illness the most. Since they are loved by everyone in the family, it affects them as well. Schizophrenia is an illness that has been around in our family for over 50 years. It has been an illness that has hurt families for thousands of years, and if we use the technology available to us today, we can put an end to this disease. This book will recommend what needs to be done to put an end to this disease and also help people with other illnesses.

One of the authors has a degree in Engineering. He has worked as an Engineer, a Programmer, a Manager, and an Executive. The other author completed 3 years of college before being diagnosed with Schizophrenia. His Schizophrenia is in remission now and is the best person to describe the illness and how he worked his way to wellness so he could write this book with his dad.


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