Heart of a Heroine: Knowing your identity and destiny in Christ by understanding yourself


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God is writing a story about Himself through your life, and you are the heroine of His story. He created you to live out His purpose. What does the heart of His heroine look like? What does she think? What does she value? How does she trust God? How does she face life? In a time when many women are confused about how to navigate the Christian walk in our culture, the reader learns how to understand herself and how she came to believe what she does. Through biblical truths and sharing her own experiences with sincerity and transparency, the author helps the reader to make the connection between knowing her own mind and heart and understanding how God wants to work in her life to connect her heart to His. This leads to victory in her struggles, hope for her future, and a deeper walk with Christ.

Nancy Albao has been serving the Lord for 50 years. She has taught Bible studies, spoken at retreats, and spent years encouraging women in their Christian walk. With a degree in Psychology and years of studying the Bible, she has learned to follow the Lord and trust Him through times of blessing and times of loss. Her testimony is the faithfulness and transforming power of God in her own heart. She has helped apply the same psychological principles and biblical truths that the Lord taught her and has seen women experience victory and hope as they surrender to God and trust Him. Now she has written a book teaching these same biblical truths so that she can reach more women with the message that Christ gives us victory and joy and transforms us by giving us a new heart, the heart of a heroine.


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