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KJ Hauk was born and raised in Missouri. His writing started at a very young age (5 years of age). He wrote down all his ideas for stories, scenes, inventions, and ideas on post-it notes. He started working when he was 12 years old. After school, he would ride his bike to the nursery that sat in the front part of their subdivision where he grew up. He would pull weeds, and the water plants owner paid him $1.50/hr.

He told his mom, who took him up there after begging her for years, finally took him, and the owner said he was too young to be on the payroll, so he started him at $1.50 per hour, and that’s when he began working at 12 years old. It finally happened after years before that, cutting grass, raking leaves, washing cars, etc. Learning the value of a dollar, he gets the chance to start work, grow up and make money.

As he journeyed through life, he knew he also wanted to be outside working with his hands beside writing stories and poems he loved. Being outdoors in the sunshine, working hard, sweating, getting a tan, and feeling good, the subdivision he grew up in had 15 years of work ahead. He worked as a laborer in the summer months.

When he graduated from high school, he become a carpenter, and he went through the union to get his Journeyman Carpenters Card. He then earned his Real Estate License and sold real estate not too long after that. He took off for California. He knew there was more to life than living in the Midwest, and he had to get out and explore as a child. He always told his parents he was going to work in Hollywood. He had a love and passion for writing and acting. After all, he has been writing since he was a kid and knew he would never stop. Life is full of stories, and we act them out as we live—it’s what we know. He went out there a few years after high school.

Live and was there 15 years. He worked in the movie industry, starting as an onset carpenter. His first movie was K-9 with James Belushi in 1988 Universal Studios. He worked in all areas of the movie industry. Meantime went to writing classes, and his last six years worked at Disney Studios in production. He came back to Missouri.
Life went on, writing went on, and he started a landscaping company with his brother. He got married and had two wonderful, beautiful kids. His son is intelligent, loves to write, and has a great imagination. His brother, who helps run his landscaping company, liked to write poetry. They used to sit around at the shop or out by the fire after work and write all night.

KJ Hauk’s brother passed away in 2017. He shut down his landscaping company. He gave everything to his former wife, and kids went to Hurricane Michael in Panama City Beach, Florida, and helped out there for two years. He came back and started over.

“Here I am; the love and passion I have for writing will never end because every day begins a new day—A new story, new ideas, and new beginnings.”- KJ Hauk.

Live life to the fullest and Do It Right. He tries to make life fun, optimistic, loving, caring, sharing, outgoing, great imagination; every second is a new second time waiting for no one (whatever in life is worth doing is worth doing right-Do It Right). He still writes as of today and has been working on kids’ stories, autobiographies, and more poetry. He’s a people person; he loves helping people.

My Nonprofit

Do It Right 3-is a 501 (C) (3) nonprofit organization I do fundraising for:

Feed the children
Environmental issues


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