A Father’s Love & Dedication

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This is a story based on true life events. What is the price tag you can put on your children? We all know the answer is priceless…except for one conniving woman, and her husband, who she dragged into a life of deceit and lies! Follow Rick Martinez, from his carefree life in the San Fernando Valley…to the parties’ women, and beaches of Southern California. Watch from his first love to the woman who literally steals his heart, and so much more. How a kid from an affluent background, never loses site of his goals. His love for his children, turns into a tear-jerking passionate rescue…that leaves his wife a true criminal. This happened at a time when fathers rarely received full custody of their children. After reading this story you will agree that Rick Martinez truly did deserve getting full custody of his children. Even after review in court from the Judge and attorney’s it very clear to see why this young man was granted full and physical custody. This book is worthy of a Major Motion Picture! Unique in its story, as it is written from

a male or fathers’ point of view. I truly believe that you will love this story and will not want to stop reading form start to finish.

Larry Gonzales was born in 1959 in the San Fernando Valley and raised in the little town of Canoga Park now known as Winnetka. He was raised by his parents Norman and Helen Gonzales along with his two siblings, Armand, and Elisabeth. They were a very average middle class family. Larry attended Winnetka Elementary School from 1964 to 1970, then went on to Nobel JR High, from 1971 to 1974, then moved on to Grover Cleveland High School and Graduated in 1977. He really love’s the outdoors the Ocean, mountains, Music and his family. Family means everything to him. Animals are a big part of his life he is a major Dog lover; whenever it comes up, he says to people, spell Dog backwards and what does that spell. God, need I say more. Thank You God for everything you have blessed me and my entire family with.


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    Larry, You did it again! Your book. “A Father’s Love & Dedication” , was entertaining, snarky, sensual, life story, with a twist that involved all of my senses and moods. Can’t wait for your next book.

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