Flash Fiction vs. Short Story

A brief story may take various forms in literature, ranging from a compact volume to a few lines. Short story formats may usually be classified according to their word count. The principles included in this piece may assist you in comprehending how short fiction is often characterized. There are, however, no universally accepted guidelines, particularly when it comes to flash fiction. When submitting your work for publication or participation in a contest, you should adhere to the submission requirements or rules.

Short Story

It varies in length, from 1,000- 7,499 words. Due to its short length, a short story’s narrative is reduced, often concentrating on a single event and a few people. It is a standalone work that does not form part of a series. When a succession of narratives is written, it is referred to as a story sequence. Short stories are often published in anthologies and magazines or as individual author collections.

Flash Fiction

It is a blanket phrase that refers to a very brief fiction of 1,000 words or less that has a captivating narrative with a storyline (beginning, middle, and finish), character development, and in most cases, a surprise or twist ending. Its length is not predetermined; instead, it is decided by the publisher.

Types of Flash Fiction

  • Sudden Fiction- It has 750-1,000 words.
  • Postcard Fiction-It is a narrative that fits on a postcard. It is usually between 250 and 500 words but maybe as little as 25. Often, a picture is included with the text to evoke the sensation of holding a postcard and flipping it over to read the inscription on the reverse.
  • Nanofiction/MicrofictionIt is the shortest type of flash fiction, consisting of tales of little more than 300 words. It may take the form of drabbles (100 words), dribbles (50 words), or six-word tales.

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